​​Dear Escapees,

​I wonder what you go through. I wonder if you lie awake at night waiting for sleep to come, as it remains a distant lover. I’m curious to find out if your legs tremble and your heart aches like mine do. Do you count the stars? Do you stare at the ceiling? How many thoughts cross your mind in a second? What do you do when the morning greets you too early, and you know you have to say hello eventually? 

Tell me about your day. I want us to share stories of the hell we walk through and the heavens we visit. While the world watches, we will let them know that we are not weak. In fact, we are soldiers who escaped from a vault labelled “Insanity”. Our voices can never be silenced. Our marches will always be strong; even on days when we are made out of glass – easy to shatter, and almost willing to break. Our scars will not write letters of apologies, but novels of the days we dared enough to bleed.

We will let them know we are not attention seekers. There is nothing wrong about wanting love and support. We are not lazy. These monsters have a way of grabbing our chest, holding us down and making it so hard to breathe. It’s not all in our heads. We don’t make these things up. They are as real and frightening as death. There is no getting over it. We cannot just decide to be happy, and wear on a genuine smile. It is time we take off our masks, and our true faces show.

And as we fight, it is important to remember where we stand and who we are. We are not our mental illnesses. We are not the names people call us when they do not understand. We are daughters and sons, sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers. We are humans. Our mental health matters. We matter! 
–The First Escapee

Julie Alcin

Escaping The Vault


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