Dear Vault, 

I am restless. My subconscious has been manifesting itself in my legs, and I cannot sleep or find peace. I find my enemies in my nightmares. Sharpening their claws and gangs, coming to attack me. My dreams subtly scare me.   
And I am tired. My tiredness has brought violent thoughts into my agitated mind. I want everything to die. I want everyone go, but I don’t want to be alone. 
So I am angry. Pissed off at everything I don’t want to do, but still do  because my body doesn’t want to stop. Aggravated at the noises, the shakes, and at very simple little things.


I am broken. I can’t think straight anymore. My body and mind has been falling apart since forever. I am not myself. I no longer know where myself is. I am gone. I am done. 
I am finished.


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