Escaping The Vault

​ABOUT Escaping The Vault:

Launched in 2016, Escaping The Vault is a community for people with mood disorders to express themselves and those who are interested in art and psychology. 

My mission is to:

Educate people about mood disorders.

Inspire people to become stronger.

Encourage people not to give up.

Change the mind-set of people who take mood disorders as a joke.


“Don’t choose suicide. Choose art therapy”

“Suffering isn’t comedy. There’s nothing funny about dying inside out” 

“Even the moon glows beautifully in the pitch black darkness. We’re all moons here”


Are you interested in sharing your artwork, short stories, poems and short videos/ animation. Read the Submission Guidelines. 

If you are a blogger or writer interested in the subject of psychology (the mind, mood disorders & etc.) & would love to raise awareness of how serious mood disorders are and help prevent suicide, please take a look at the Bloggers Support Week page.