Letters of May – The Movement

Letters of  May, is also a movement from Escaping The Vault, where people can creatively use their talents/hobbies to raise awareness for mental health.

Songs & Videos: I am looking for videos 5 minutes long or less. Can be book reviews, gaming, vlog, skit, etc.

Social Media: Talk about mental health and use the hashtag #lettersofmay.

Writing: must be typed in New Romans Time 12 and no longer than 2 pages. File has to be Word Document or Google Drive link.

Art: are sent in with as a picture (png/jpg) with short story/description for the each piece.

More: Have a talent you’d like to use to hear to raise awareness for mental health,  whether that’s crafting jewellery, drawing comics, blogging, and more. You can do wonders with whatever you do best.

Amount of submissions: 3 in total 

Ages: Anyone

What to submit along with your submission :

A 200 to 500 biography (optional)

Maximum 5 links to your work (optional)


1. Raise awareness for mental health.

2. Give hope to those who struggle and remind them and they are not alone and things do get better.

3. Show how it is like to live with a mental illness. 

4. To help put an end to the stigma.

5. To educate others.


1. EVERYTHING must be from the original artist.

2. DO NOT steal someone’s work and claim it as yours!

3. No obscene language!

4. Double check your work for spelling or grammatical errors. 

The deadline to submit is April 15, 2017. Any submissions afterwards will not be part of the anthology, so be sure to send it in before the deadline.

For more information &. to send in your submission contact Escaping The Vault through lettersofmayanthology@gmail.com.